NFT games have now become a new trend as a result of the Covid-19. …

We’re glad to announce that the NFT AirDrop attracted over 20k participants!!! And it took some time to select winners’ information.

PoParmy, now go ahead and Find Your Name! All winners are as follow:

  1. We have 5 winners who got the highest scores in the campaign will be the given the highest level of Popman NFT (AKA SSS-Level):

We have a breaking news to share with our PoParmy! The Popman NFT is about to sell in the late Sep, date will be announced on Twitter soon.

Before the exciting moment, we have decided to host a Popman NFT AirDrop campaign today. …

Before we buy a Popman NFT, we need to know how it works and how it helps you to earn more, first. Let’s have a little trip to learn about Popman NFT.

Popman NFT Introduction

Popman is a player’s entrance pass to Popop World, corresponding to each casual game. …

As always, great thanks to the continuous support and participation of PoPoParmy!

Considering the rising passion and multiple requests, we have decided to expand PopDrop to 600,000 POP and extended deadline to Sep 22!

Every Popman will get the PopDrop by completing the Main Tasks:

Side Tasks

Invite your friends! For each of successfully invited friend, you can earn 5 pop.

More details >>> PoPoP World Airdrop Carnival I

Join us





A promising GameFi project can’t be succeed without the games.

Let’s start a journey and have a visit to the Popop World Games.

Game introduction

Casual games

Popop World contains a variety of casual games, mainly mature mini games with a large volume overseas user base. Playing some games is highly similar…

We’ve been developing over 6 months for refining the product. Eventually, our website was successfully launched! We have proudly made Popop World the first SocialFi project on polygon ecosystem!

To celebrate this exciting moment, we have prepared several rounds of airdrops for you -Enjoy and earn the bubblegum PopDrop!


#GameFi is undoubtedly the hottest innovation in the cryptocurrency world this year and one of the most promising directions of blockchain application. But the current GameFi model is not very clear, it needs some brave explorations. To this end, our team made a bold attempt on the new direction of…

We are excited to announce that the Popop World website is now launched. We’re opening the gate of the wonderland for all the gamer!

Here goes the website>>>

Popop World is Polygon chain’s first Play-to-Earn casual game playground of mini game collection. Here, players can choose their favorite mini games…


A blockchain based leisure game wonderland. #GameFi revolution.

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