KuPay x PopopWorld: The First Freemint Ever on KCC Mainnet🚀

Dear Pop community

We are happy to announce that today the NFT BabyOrks is released! This is “from the idea that there has never been a free NFT mint on KCC, or at least not a main stream one” — said KuPay.

First come, first served so go mint now!

🐸 Popop BabyOrk Freemint
📅Time: July 15, 2PM UTC
☘️Where to mint: Sign up an account at KuPay app http://account.kupay.finance

About KuPay

KuPay is the leading payment service provider for the KCC Network. Kupay is an app-based wallet solution for cryptocurrencies, which allows the user to send, receive & store digital assets through encrypted networks.

👉👉Q&A around Pop-Pop BabyOrk NFT on KCC network: https://t.me/popopworldchannel/442

👉Video instruction: https://twitter.com/popop_world/status/1547898422493351938



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