Mini-game: Jump Jump

A game of hand speed and quick-sighted competition… Join our High-Score Beater challenge now💰 Prize for Top 5 ☄️

Don’t we tell you that Jump Jump is one of the Top 3 Favorite Mini-game in Popop World? (besides The Gourmet and Blow Bubbles).

How to play

In this game, you play the yellow hair boy character.

You should focus on the next color square from where the boy stands. You have to tap on the color button below to make the boy jump on the correct color square, and control the role to jump on each square one by one

If the color button you tap on and the next square block that will be jumped on are not the same one, the boy will fall off and have to wait 3 secs as a punishment, that means you are left behind your component.

The game will be over automatically after 5 secs countdown when one character reaches the end point first.

So stay focus, don’t fall out!

Tip: to score 3 stars you not only tap on correct color but also to be QUICK!!!



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