FAQs about Economic Model in Popop World

Regarding the new update this week, there are a lot of concerns about:

What is new economic model? Why should we play Popop World on KCC Chain?
👉 We have 1 billion of Token supply, so we just move 500M POP supply from Polygon chain to KCC Chain.
- Why we do that? Because we want to open P2E on KCC Chain, and we want to make Popop World more popular in KCC Community

The contract of POP on KCC Chain?
👉 This is our final plan for New Economic Model on KCC Chain. After we accomplish the collaboration with KCC, we will release POP Token on KCC Chain and publish new contract. For now, we just change the ecological rewards on Polygon chain first

When will POP Token get listed on DEX(KCC Chain)? 🪙
👉We are working with KCC and waiting for their final announcement regarding listing and marketing.
In addition we are working with a CEX(Polygon supported) for listing POP Token.

— — — — — — -

1. Why we have to withdraw POP that we are staking then re-stake again? 🍨
👉 Because of the change in game ecological rewards, we MUST withdraw POP then re-stake to continue receive POP and vePOP which affect the rewards of staking Popman

2. What changes in game Ecological Rewards?
👉After we moved 500M POP Token on Polygon network to KCC Network, it would affect the game Ecological Rewards. You could have a look at the Table of New Economic Model.
👉 Basically, the game ecological reward on Polygon will be reduced by 1/3 , which means that the exchange rate will increase 1/3;
👉 Stake POP rewards on Polygon will be halved , which means APR is halved.

1. Any changes in Staking POPMAN NFT? 🔮
👉 No changes! But you MUST withdraw then re-stake POP Token to make sure vePOP counted in the formula of staking NFT rewards.

(to be continued…)



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