Q&A about POPOP

Once you are interested in Popop, we know you will have questions. Today we list down 10+ the most asking-questions we got frequently from users out there.

2 min readMay 25, 2022


1. Is the game available only in browser?

The game is only available in browser now Google browser and the browser of the Metamask app), we will develop iOS and Android apps in the future.

2. Is the game audited?

POP token has completed the contract audit. View here.

3. How many Popman do you need to play?

With 1 Popman, user can start P2E. Each Popman is corresponding to each casual game. The more NFTs you have, the more you can earn.

4. How can I sell Popman?

At this time, users can sell Popman on Opensea, or section “Marketplace” in our Discord channel. We will also open Popman’s market on website in the future.

5. Which chain does the game currently support?

Polygon chain is currently supported.

6. Which wallet should I use?

User can use MetaMask wallet.

7. How to play the game on mobile?

You need to download Metamask on mobile first, then connect to your Metamask wallet. The next step is open browser in the Metamask, go to Popop.world and play game.

8. Where can I get $POP Token?

You can get $POP on LBank.

To earn more, play games to get EXP and exchange EXP for $POP in game.

9. Can I stake the token/POP Token? (Details)

Yes you can stake $POP to earn more and get the rights in voting governance.

Detail: https://popopworld.medium.com/pop-staking-system-officially-launched-65c3fc865c75

10. Can I receive daily rewards from staking?

Sure! You can get daily rewards from bothstaking $POP token and Popman NFT.

11. Can EXP be exchange to POP Token? Is there locking period when we do the exchange?

EXP can be exchanged for $POP at any time, and can withdrawn $POP to the wallet at any time without lock-up period.

Withdrawals will be charged 30% transaction fee, and reduce 2% per day.

12. Will I get more EXP when I invite my friends to play Pop game?

This is one of our event that called “Referral Program”, which will be hold some times with attractive prizes. Please pay attention at our official communities.

(to be updated…)




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