Dear Pop community

We are happy to announce that today the NFT BabyOrks is released! This is “from the idea that there has never been a free NFT mint on KCC, or at least not a main stream one” — said KuPay.

First come, first served so go mint now!

🐸 Popop BabyOrk Freemint
📅Time: July 15, 2PM UTC
☘️Where to mint: Sign up an account at KuPay app

About KuPay

KuPay is the leading payment service provider for the KCC Network. Kupay is an app-based wallet solution for cryptocurrencies, which allows the user to send, receive & store digital assets through encrypted networks.

👉👉Q&A around Pop-Pop BabyOrk NFT on KCC network:

👉Video instruction:



It’s weekend! Even though the market is downtrend now, but can we forget it for a while and play some games to relax instead?

And then, here are some new updates we will add in few weeks:

  • Considering open new game which can go battle with other players
  • NFT will have a chance to drop the mystery bonus
  • Staking popman: some adjust to staking, aiming for playing the game instead staking
  • Bonus points which affect the number of stars based on the Popular attribute



The first two batches of Popman NFT have been sold out quickly, this summer Popop World plans to launch a new NFT collection as part of its Co-branding NFT project

What is Co-branding NFT?

Co-branding NFT is the unique NFT line that Popop in collaboration with KOLs/IP in win-win profit-sharing model.

P/S: Users can suggest us your favorite KOLs by leaving a response here or at our communities channel (Telegram/ Discord), and share this news.

Why special?

This exclusive NFT collection is a creative artwork of our artists, inspired by Philippine mythology and epic. Each NFT is one-of-a-kind.

How to get?

We will announce everything in details soon!

>>>Need your help<<<

If you come up with any great names for this new NFT, please share with us 😎

Telegram (

Discord (



Playing game is fun, but a bit competitive will add more fun, do you agree? Top 3 high score in game will get rewards!

🔥REWARD UP TO 9️⃣,5️⃣0️⃣0️⃣ $POP 🤑

Taking advantage of the mini-game platform, we’re excite to hold a weekly event as the challenge among players.

♨️The opening game this week is the most-favorite one: BLOW BUBBLES

The top high score of a wallet in Blow Bubbles minigame will be displayed real-time on Weekly Ranking table (you guys can find it on in-game homepage)

⏰ Time: 5PM UTC May 30th — 4:59 PM UTC June 5th

🥇Top 1: 5️⃣,0️⃣0️⃣0️⃣ $POP
🥈Top 2: 3️⃣,0️⃣0️⃣0️⃣ $POP
🥉Top 3: 1️⃣,5️⃣0️⃣0️⃣ $POP

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